Nokia and Microsoft, a match made in heaven?

To me it looks like the teamup between Nokia and Microsoft is a deal that should help both turning around a losing spiral for the better. Nokia is losing ground and Microsoft still is working hard to get mobile going. Will the new team succeed?

One big difference between the new alliance and Apple is that the announcement is paper-only! Apple only announces new stuff when they have something to show. Nokia/Microsoft did not show a new smartphone with Windows Mobile 7. If that is going to take then another 6 months to make, I am affraid, all momentum will be lost…

2 Replies to “Nokia and Microsoft, a match made in heaven?”

  1. Nokia+Microsoft, The lame leading the blind?

    Is there a future in telephony (synchronous communication) at all?

    Instead of quit smoking I stopped using my phone on the first day of this year.
    And haven’t had a need since.
    Voicemails end up in my mailbox and I reply to clients by email or twitter in my own time.
    The only time I use the phone myself was when I ran out of petrol in my motorbike and had to call roadservice at 3 in the morning. (no one responded to my twitter calls for help)

    Synchronous communication is overrated (I don’t consider Tweets or Ping synchronous)

  2. that’s another way of putting it 😉 but I think you are cutting both giants in the world of ICT short… Both have contributed to the advancement of the field of communication and technology. At the moment they are in some bad weather and working hard to recover. If they have better chances together only time will tell

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