Zen and Bamboo

Yesterday I was not able to post my findings but today I will make this up to you. Yesterday and today I was preparing a workshop for a client and I came across this TEDxTokyo presentation from Garr Reynolds. Garr wrote the bestseller PresentationZen about delivering interesting and captivating presentations. His TED talk was titled “Be Like Bamboo”. His talk was very interesting. Since my trip to Japan I am mentally attracted to the Japanse way of thinking.

Today I used the phrases “We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see” twice. This is a Taoist wisdom which I learned from Garr. I used this internally in a discussion I had with a colleague. And the other was in a project evaluation with a customer when we discussed an important phase in the project were we should have put this proverb in action.

The video:

The slides:

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