happy new year!

Well I am back from the holidays and returned to work on tuesday. So here are some thoughts on the subject:

two interesting posts about enterprise 2.0. The first is from intel about IT spending, look here for the article. A nice feature of web 2.0 is that the applications you can use online are free. In an enterprise this is an illusion of course but there must be a shift in IT cost because at these cost rates enterprise 2.0 will not happen. Due to the fast cycles a CFO will not allow for big spending on a project or an application that will last for 18 months. The providers of enterprise software must acknowledge that it is to much and start lowering there prices of think of another pricing model. Only then a company can start spending more dollars in new innovative stuff!

The second post is about the forecast of 2007, this one is from dion hinchcliffe. He gives 10 directions of enterprise 2.0. Two directions are the most important (according to me). The first one is about search. The foremost application of enterprise 2.0 will be te start coping with the enormous amout of content and the way users are getting what they need. The installed base of early collaborative tools like email and IM have not given way. During the year smart tools that could replace them arrive and a base is created.

I hope you liked my insights!

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